An Ode to the Bee with Bozena Jankowska

Award-winning, independent womenswear label Bozena Jankowska brings luxury and sustainability together through exciting, beautifully-made designs.

Heralding from an environmental science and sustainable finance background the brand’s founder, Bozena Jankowska launched her namesake brand and debut collection – Ode to the Bee – in November 2017 with great success. Based around Bozena’s philosophy of ‘experience, sustain, repeat – a mindful approach to living’, her designs are inspired by environmental and social themes – in this case, the world of the bee and sustainability of its existence. 

Bringing together Jankowska’s knowledge of sustainability and fashion, her brand philosophy, Ode to the Bee, was created in partnership with Buglife, an organisation aiming to halt the extinction of invertebrates, by creating 200 hectares of rich and vibrant habitat across UK cities. Three percent of Bozena Jankowska’s profit will go to Buglife in order to support the work being done with bees and pollinators. Partnerships with like-minded, sustainability-focused organisations will continue with each subsequent collection, and every purchase made will result in a direct contribution towards their important work.   

For Bozena, sustainable fashion means making considered choices, producing clothing that lasts and has a low environmental and social footprint. Using sustainably sourced, REACH certified silk and wool from UK-based manufacturers, the timeless collection of classic pieces is designed to be worn throughout the years. Focusing on slow-living and appreciation of materials, each piece is made to order, right here in London to ensure there is no waste. 

Bozena Jankowska SS18

Perfectly combining classic tailoring and a new-relaxed, refined-yet-casual look, the 15-piece range features captivating hues – from deep wines and navies to sunshine yellows – awash with dreamy silk satins and velvet trims crafted into strong silhouettes with clever cuts and textures. This is a complete capsule womenswear collection of easy to wear tailoring and dresses – ideal for a back-to-work refresh. 

Brought to you in partnerships with Bozena Jankowska.