Darjeeling Express

Top 5 Events at London Food Month 2017

London Food Month, organised by The Evening Standard, is running for the whole of June. Of course, we never need any encouragement to celebrate all the glorious food that this diverse, inclusive city has to offer and we can’t wait to get stuck into the many events that are happening around town.

We bet you feel the same way, so we’ve come up with a handy Top 5 to get you started on the path to prandial bliss. These are the events that we think are unmissable.

Darjeeling Express 2

Come Aboard the Darjeeling Express

Darjeeling Express was started as a supper club by lawyer Asma Khan, moved to a residency in Soho pub the Sun & 13 Cantons and is soon to be a permanent restaurant, which we’re very excited about. Her food is stunning, combining the food of her royal Mughlai ancestry with the street food of Calcutta. This event on 25th June is a traditional celebratory feast marking Eid, the end of Ramadan and will be served family-style, which means a generous table spread with dishes to dig into and share.

Black Axe St John

Black Axe Mangles St. John

Two of our favourite restaurants come together for a spectacular one-of-a-kind dinner. Lee Tiernan of Black Axe Mangal is ex-St. John and this will be the first time the legendary nose-to-tail restaurant has hosted another. You’ll be a part of London restaurant history. We don’t know the menu but it’s sure to be exciting, and it involves beer and whisky…

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen Brunch

Regional African food is going to be huge in London very soon and Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen is riding on the crest of that wave. Born to a Ghanaian father and Irish mother, Zoe Adjonyoh explores her African heritage through food, bringing us dishes such as peanut butter stew and Jollof-fried chicken. This will be a special brunch, full of the usual breakfast sweet-spots but with a punchy African twist.

Fortnum's Feast

Fortnum’s Midnight Food Hall Feast

Fortnum and Mason is such a must-visit destination for any London food lover but did you know they hold secret feasts? This one is in their famous food halls, starting at 10.45pm… you’ll be served loads of fantastic food from their regular suppliers, which means no expense spared.

 The Wolseley

Our London with Corbyn & King

These guys are behind some of London’s most loved restaurants, which you’ll visit during one glorious day of consumption. Eat breakfast at the glamorous Wolseley, have lunch at the buzzing Brasserie Zedel, enjoy a cocktail at The Beaumont, then finish with dinner at Fischer’s. That’s a day to remember.