Terry Blake and Yohini Nandakumar’s Top 5 Hotspots in South East London

Terry Blake and Yohini Nandakumar are the husband and wife team behind Lewisham’s neighbourhood restaurant Sparrow, which we consider as a standout dining spot in the area (read our review here). But there’s more to South East London than meets the eye – the dynamic duo share their go-to places, favourite dishes and drinks…

Terry Blake and Yohini Nandakumar

Red Lion Coffee Shop. Nandakumar says, ‘I remember the day it opened and my mornings were transformed ever since. Consistently superb coffee; the most velvety flat whites made with amazing quality coffee. Their food is fantastic as well: home made sausage rolls, scotch eggs and huge slabs of focaccia are all delicious and excellent value too.’

Red Lion Coffee Shop, Batavia Rd, SE14 6BJ

Brockley Market - fruit

Brockley Market. Nandakumar says, ‘Really lucky to have this on our doorstep, a bit like how Borough Market was in the old days – independent traders selling food they do well. I haven’t done it yet but one day I plan to give myself a Saturday afternoon off, pop down to the market with a hefty budget and buy the lovely charcuterie, cheeses, baked goods, wine, tomatoes, fruit and chocolate and make a hamper for me and Terry to enjoy in Greenwich Park. I reckon that would be close to a perfect afternoon.’

Brockley Market, Lewisham Way, SE4 1UT

Model Market. Nandakumar says, ‘Really good place to socialise, eat and drink. When I was younger, I would head into central London to meet up with friends, but we all have a lot more choice these days. I had some deep fried macaroni cheeseballs here with a glass of delicious pinot noir, which was one of the most memorable treats of the year.’

Model Market, 196 Lewisham High St, SE13 6LS

Maggie's café and restaurant - outdoor terrace

Maggie’s Café and Restaurant. Nandakumar says, ‘Lewisham institution, it’s kind of a greasy spoon café but also more than that. Food is well prepared, portions are generous and the staff are all lovely and cheerful. They do a fab chili con carne, a lamb curry special and of course, bottomless cups of tea.’

Maggie’s Café and Restaurant, 320-322 Lewisham Rd, SE13 7PA

L’Oculto. Nandakumar says, ‘Wine and tapas done really well. Their wine list is small and carefully curated, with gorgeous natural wines as a regular feature. The menu changes every fortnight too, so there’s always something new to try; beetroot with coconut and spices, and crab and apple salad with smoked mayonnaise are some highlights from the past couple of months. Such a civilized way to have a boozy evening!’

L’Oculto, 57 Loampit Hill, SE13 7SZ

Featured image: Red Lion Coffee Shop