Somewhere in Between at the Wellcome Collection

Until 27th August 2018

Experience the multifaceted marriage of art and science at Somewhere in Between, the Wellcome Collection’s new immersive exhibition focusing on what happens when these very different disciplines come together.

In collaboration with scientists, four artists are exploring four very different areas of human life and have created installations allowing you to explore scientific concepts through unique and wonderful art.

Coloured-pencil diagrams of mitochondria, this is not.


Martina Amati’s ‘Under’

‘Outside the water,’ says filmmaker Martina Amati, ‘I’m trying, I pretend, I lie.’

Collaborating with physiologist Kevin Fong, Martina filmed herself and other freedivers underwater in the Red Sea, examining the human body at its extreme limits of time, distance and depth.

‘Inside the water,’ says Martina, ‘I am.’


Maria McKinney’s ‘Sire’

Photography exhibit ‘Sire’ features large-scale images of bulls wearing sculptures, examining the genomics of cattle farming and the relationship between humans and farmed cattle. Artist Maria McKinney combines the ancient art of straw weaving and a modern material – semen straws, which are used to store bull semen – to create sculptures referencing the Economic Breeding Index, used by farmers to identify the best cows for breeding.


John Walter’s ‘Alien Sex Club’

Painter John Walters has created a maze based on the idea of a sex club or bathhouse, a place to meet strangers and to explore the appearance of HIV. He uses sculpture and paintings alongside the work of clinician and researcher Alison Rodger to examine the changing place of the virus in society, including the changes to its treatment.


Daria Martin’s ‘Sensorium Tests’ and ‘At the Threshold’

Daria Martin has created two films based on mirror-touch synaesthesia, where, she explains, ‘If I were to see you being touched on your shoulder then I would feel that touch on my own shoulder.’ Her films address the blurred lines between the senses as experienced by synaesthetes, as well as the individuality of the laboratory environment and the relationships of those involved in the study of senses.


Nearby nibbles…

After your artsy exploration of the scientific world, you can wander up the road to King’s Cross, where Marcus Wareing has redone the bar at St Pancras Hotel’s The Gilbert Scott restaurant, or down to Fitzrovia for a taste of authentic Philly cheesesteak in London at recently opened Passyunk Avenue.

Experience the installations until August 27th. You’ll be extra embarrassed by those doodles you used to do in Biology lessons.

The galleries at the Wellcome Collection are open Tuesday–Wednesday and Friday–Saturday from 10am–6pm, Sundays from 11am–6pm and Thursdays 10am–10pm (closed on Mondays).

Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, NW1 2BE

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