Secret Cinema Presents: William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet

*Due to a hugely popular demand the discounted tickets are sold out. 

Secret Cinema has launched its largest event yet, giving you an immersive film experience of the classic Shakespearean love tragedy Romeo and Juliet. We already gave you 50% off tickets to the opening night, and now we’re extending your exclusive discount for the rest of their unique experiences in August…

Changing the boundaries between storytelling and the audience, Secret Cinema allows you to explore the iconic sets, interact with your heroes and become part of the film. But this time, London’s most forward-thinking production company takes things to a whole new level, extending the immersive experience to a festival format with live bands, DJs and more – yes, there’s food too.

Secret Cinema - Romeo + Juliet

Living up to its name, a secret outdoor London location receives a spectacular transformation, depicting the multi-layered world of Verona Beach with iconic elements from Shakespeare’s story. While themes of peace, redemption and salvation take centre stage, the adult playground is separated into sprawling sections that breathe new life into the characters and words. Much of this unique festival remains a secret, but expect no less than an unforgettable party with sunlit romance, mass dancing and show-stopping performances.

While the discounted tickets are sold out, you can still by full price tickets here.

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