Sanjay Dwivedi’s Top 5 Child-Friendly Restaurants in London

Sanjay Dwivedi, Executive Chef of COYA, shares his favourite child-friendly restaurants in London. COYA Monte Carlo opens on 25th May.

Sanjay says, ‘My ten-year-old twin boys love going to restaurants – I suppose it runs in their genes. I am married to a French woman so when it comes to eating habits Joshua is the French one (he loves his meat, butter and potatoes), while Kieran is the Indian one – he loves his spices, and is much more adventurous. When I take them to COYA, Kieran will always go for ceviches, chicken anticuchos and pork boas, while Josh will choose the crispy squid and josper rib eye.’


Brixton Village and Pop Brixton. Sanjay says, ‘It’s our local – there is a positive vibe, great atmosphere, and all different cuisines serving street food under one roof. It’s always a plus point as I have so many choices and the boys are always happy. On most occasions we also visit the Ritzy cinema – a mere five-minute walk – and catch up with a film. Blissful. Our most visited restaurants /street corners in Brixton Village have always been Honest Burger, Love Churros, and Franco Manca.’

Brixton Village, Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8PS


Eco Clapham. Sanjay says, ‘Eco has been my favourite pizza place for the last 20 years, since I moved first to Clapham South back in 1999. They make amazing pizzas. The kids love the vibe and the service has always been spot on and friendly. As it has an open kitchen, Joshua especially loves seeing the chefs in action.’

Eco Clapham, 162 Clapham High Street, SW4 7UG


Dosa n Chutney. Sanjay says, ‘One of my favourite Indian dishes has always been a dosa – a rice and lentil pancake served with crushed spiced potatoes and coconut chutney. The restaurant is far from being fancy. It’s cheap, cheerful and healthy. I remember when my father used to take me to have a dosa in India — sweet memories. Now, to see them enjoy it in the same way is always a great pleasure. The dosa served for kids looks like a space ship, which is a winner.’

Dosa n Chutney


Oddono’s Gelati. Sanjay says, ‘Just next to Clapham Common, with a great selection of ice creams and sorbets. The boys do like their waffles, though the lemon sorbet, salted caramel, pistachio and Oreo ice cream are their favourites. Service is very family orientated.’

Oddono’s Gelati, Unit 9, Nelson Trade Park,The Path, SW19 3BL


Taro. Sanjay says, ‘Sushi is not yet admired by the boys, though over the years as a family we always go to Japanese restaurants as it is my wife’s favourite cuisine. So the boys have adapted. Kieran loves his miso soup, spicy edamame and chicken gyoza, while Josh loves his katsu chicken and rice. I reckon they are now on that line, ready to cross over and explore more when it comes to food. They have shown interest in cooking, which is always a positive sign.’

Taro, 193 Balham High Road, SW12 9BE

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