Rhymes with Orange

Rhymes with Orange is a regular spoken word and poetry open-mic night in east London.

The idea behind Rhymes with Orange (we all know that nothing does rhyme with orange, right?) is to provide a platform for people who love poetry and words to get up and do their thing in front of an audience.

We’ve been along to these evenings a few times and can tell you they are a world away from stuffy, serious, boring poetry readings or the kind of place where people raise their arms and click their fingers. This is a youthful, boisterous and very fun event. More importantly, the audience is non-judgemental; everyone is there to be supportive and have a good time.

There’s lots of humour in the readings too: we’ve heard poems from people on topics as diverse as love, cats and er… gin in a can. There’s a great mix of established regular poets and newcomers, so you know you’ll always get something really fresh among the more polished performances. For those who like a brain twister, why not take on The Limerick Challenge? Write a limerick during the interval then read it out on stage for everyone to enjoy.

We can’t recommend Rhymes with Orange enough – it really breaks down barriers, boosts confidence and celebrates spoken word. Oh, and there’s actually an English surname which is ‘Gorringe’ – does that count?

Rhymes with Orange, Farr’s School of Dancing, 17 – 19 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF