the distillery

London has a Gin Hotel and it’s Brilliant

Yes, it’s true — London has a hotel dedicated entirely to the juniper-laced spirit but is The Distillery all it’s cracked up to be? You bet it is. Here are some of the reasons why you should go…

the distillery

You can make your own gin

Portobello Road Gin is actually made here, and you can join in the fun. They’ll teach you how to blend your own using the various different botanicals, and there are laughs to be had coming up with wacky combinations, like tea and asparagus. Don’t worry — they help you balance out any overly intense flavours at the end. What’s more, your gin recipe is kept on file, so you can go back and order a bottle for those times when only your own personal blend will do.

the distillery

You can go to gin school

At The Ginstitute it’s time to forget about that crusty geography teacher with the socks and sandals and welcome your shiny new gin master to the classroom. You’ll learn all about the history of gin, from the horrors of Gin Lane to the gentleman who set up a novel way of dispensing gin to thirsty passers by on the streets of London — by feeding a cat a penny and pressing its paw. The gin would be dispensed from its mouth.

the distillery

You can stay the night

Well, yes; it’s a hotel. Once you’re giddy from the joy of blending your own botanicals and saturated with information from gin school, it’s time to imbibe — only this time, you don’t have to worry about getting home. Stagger upstairs to one of the three boutique hotel rooms to find a record player and your very own in-room gin bar, plus a big ol’ comfy bed.

the distillery

They will never run out of gin

There’s a bar downstairs stocked with lots of the good stuff and don’t forget, this is where they actually distil Portobello Road Gin, so it’s hardly likely to run out while you’re there. What, you’ve never drunk a bar dry before?

electric diner

You can go to Electric Diner for breakfast

They don’t do breakfast at The Distillery, which might be a disappointment until you realise they’re just over the road from Electric Diner. These guys make some seriously large portions of eggs Benedict and do the best orange juice this side of the river.

The market on Portobello Road will have set itself up by the time you’ve finished, so take a wander around the stalls while you digest breakfast.

The Distillery, 186 Portobello Road, W11 1LA