Pop-Up Bar: The Ministry of International Specialist Concoctions (M.I.S.C.).

An alcohol-free pop-up bar has arrived in London, introducing you to a different world of nature-inspired drinks.

M.I.S.C. is operated by Social Beverages, a passion project of Korean entrepreneur Shinyoung Lyu who is set out to give London a one-of-a-kind going-out experience – without the hangovers and empty calories.

M.I.S.C. pop-up bar - shot

But that isn’t to say these drinks are boring or bland. Far from it. Inspired by her many travels and today’s dining trends, M.I.S.C. offers drinks with unexpected ingredients and complex flavours. There’s a sweet and tangy kombacha-based concoction, the Ruby Booch (made with organic Sencha, green plum press and scarlet-coloured hibiscus), a wittily-named Tree Hugger with orange, spices and aquafaba foam (garnished with a single star anise for your eyes pleasure), and a kick-ass fiery shot packed with jalapeños. If you’re looking for something slightly more familiar, try The Mother Mary, a vegan-style Bloody Mary with tomato juice, liquid kimchi and apple cider vinegar.

M.I.S.C. - drink

So whether you’re consciously minded or simply dipping your toes in an upcoming trend, The M.I.S.C. pop-up bar is sure to take your tastebuds on a memorable ride (and that’s not just because the drinks are hangover-free).

M.I.S.C. is at Courtyard, St Mary of Eton, 95 Eastway, E9 5JA from September 3 – October 2.

Featured image: M.I.S.C.