Paddington Covers 2018

London’s one-of-a-kind music festival Paddington Covers is back, and the line-up of tribute acts is music to our ears (excuse the pun).

Located in Paddington’s Norfolk Square Gardens, the festival features a diverse mix of music, from your all-time favourite pop songs to the world’s most famous rock bands. The festival’s talented cover artists promise to deliver an experience just as good as the real deal – both in the afternoon and evening.

Paddington Covers 2018 - singers

So what can you expect?

Tasha Leaper as Madonna pays tribute to the queen of pop, The Stones will bring the moves like Jagger, and you’ll need to get in formation for I am Beyoncé – it’s almost scary how much she looks like Queen B.

Sheltered and hidden by a gorgeous tree canopy, Paddington Covers allows you to enjoy your favourite artists in a beautiful, intimate setting. The best part? It’s completely free.

Paddington Covers 2018 - festival

Grab a cold drink, sing your heart out and dance the day away – you know you want to.

Click here to book your (free) tickets to the festival on Friday, August 31.

Paddington Covers, Norfolk Square Gardens, W2 1RS