Molly Soda at Annka Kultys

Until 16th June. 

If you’re into contemporary art this is about as bang up to date as it gets. Molly Soda is presenting a collection of works called Me and My Gurls at Annka Kultys Gallery in Bethnal Green.

The American artist is known for her work across a range of platforms, including Youtube, videos, performance art, GIFs and in-gallery installations. She’s also an online celebrity and her work explores pop-culture, cyberfeminism and the complexities of online presence. Since her work is mostly online, this is a rare chance to see one of her gallery collections.

This is Molly’s third solo exhibition at Annka Kulty and this time you’ll find view a series of aluminium and acrylic prints, videos on TV screens and iPads, printed balloons and a physical archive (printed on a long roll of paper) from a YouTube video’s comment section.

Themes of vulnerability, narcissism and over-sharing run throughout and the exhibition is as likely to make you feel uncomfortable as it is to entertain. Molly lives her life online and she invites you to share it, at the same time prompting some (perhaps) difficult questions about the viewer’s own sense of self.

Molly Soda Me and My Gurls is at Annka Kultys, 1st floor, 472 Hackney Road Unit 3, E2 9EQ until 16th June 

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