Mathew Carver’s Top 5 London-Made Cheeses

Mathew Carver, founder of The Cheese Truck and The Cheese Bar, shared his top 5 cheeses that are made in London.


Kupros – Anglum. Mathew says, ‘Anthony is an inspiring new London cheesemaker; he’s young, creative and incredibly passionate about his cheese! He makes the very best halloumi you’ll ever taste! Soft, layered, almost marshmallow-like texture when grilled: HEAVEN! Available to buy from late March.’

Kupros, Unit 6, Armitage Business Centre, Delamare Road, EN8 9FN


La Latteria – Burrata. Mathew says, ‘Simona is the real deal: a true Italian making the freshest Italian cheeses in London! Her Burrata’s made in Acton every morning and delivered around London before you’ve had your morning coffee. Get a 400g one and don’t share it with anyone…’

La Latteria, North Acton. Buy online from their website.


Gringa Dairy – Queso Oaxaca. Mathew says, ‘Like eating a doughnut without licking your lips, try buying a ball of Queso Oaxaca and not eating the whole thing before you’ve got home. A delicious stringy ball of cheese, similar to mozzarella but with a fuller flavour, delicious melted on anything!’

Gringa DairyUnit 77, 878 Old Kent Road, SE15 1NQ


Kappacasein – Bermondsey Hard Pressed. Mathew says, ‘Visit his dairy in Spa Terminus, Bermondsey on a Saturday and buy direct – Bill is the king of London cheesemaking; he started producing cheese back in 2008 and his dairy is a must visit for any cheese fan! His Hard Pressed is a Gruyère-style cheese with an incredible rich and deep flavour!’

Kappacasein, 1 Voyager Industrial Estate, SE16 4RP


Wildes – Alexandra. Mathew says, ‘Phil, head cheesemaker at Wildes, is one of the nicest blokes in cheese. He’s an inventive and creative cheesemaker, and for me his Alexandra is the pick. Rich and creamy with some great buttery tones.’

Wildes, Unit 10 Frontier Works, 33 Queen Street, N17 8JA