The Hot List: London’s Best New Openings

Need to know which newly opened restaurants are the hottest in town, right now? Let us help. We update this list every week so you know exactly where to go when you need an on-trend table.

Consider it your personal hot list.

Rochelle Canteen at The ICA

Arnold & Henderson have opened a second Rochelle Canteen in The Institute of Contemporary Arts and everyone has dutifully followed. Fay Maschler gave it 4 stars in The Evening Standard (‘canteen cooking elevated to an art form’) while also mentioning that she’d seen the editor of Restaurant Magazine posting about it on Instagram, while she was writing the review. It’s good to know she’s not the only one who likes a cheeky scroll while writing.

Everything you need to know: Rochelle Canteen at The ICA

The Kitchens at Old Spitalfields Market

The Kitchens is the new set of restaurants inside Spitalfields Market. They’ve barely let the paint dry and people are flocking to gobble up dumplings, tacos and steaks.

Everything you need to know: The Kitchens at Old Spitalfields Market 

Gilly’s Fry Bar

gilly's fry bar

Neil Gill (yeah, that’s Gilly) has opened something we’ve been missing in London: a thoroughly modern fry bar with the heart of a traditional chippy. We’re done with jerk crumbed this and posh pickled that — here is a spot where you can order a proper pickled egg to go with your chips and buttered bap. London is loving it.

Everything you need to know: Gilly’s Fry Bar 

Claude Bosi at Bibendum

This restaurant is back on the hot list thanks to Michelin, who awarded it two stars for the 2018 guide. We had mixed feelings about the food but then, this kind of cooking does divide opinion. Jay Rayner was also confused by the eggshell full of coconut foam (‘unsettling’) although ultimately he leaves satisfied that Bibendum is well and truly back.

Everything you need to know: Bibendum

Santo Remedio

London fell in love with this couple back when they opened their original east London spot – later closed down for reasons outside their control. Now they’re back in a bigger and better site in Bermondsey and yes, that cricket guacamole is still on the menu.

Everything you need to know: Santo Remedio 


There’s always a stir when Ryan Chetiyawardana (aka Mr Lyan) opens a new bar and this is no different. It’s more food-focused this time, and in collaboration with Doug McMaster of the zero waste SILO restaurant in Brighton and Dr Arielle Johnson, a former flavour scientists at Copenhagen’s Noma. Nice. It’s typically forward-thinking, with ingredients like ‘compost smoked carrot’, Ambergris and ‘tea stems’ on the menu. S’ok, we trust him.

Everything you need to know: Cub 

Westerns Laundry

Everyone is still talking about this north London seafood joint. Jay Rayner loved the food but took the chance to have a pop at their all-natural wine list. He’s known for hating the stuff, describing it as ‘less a pleasant glass of wine than a slap in the face.‘ Grace Dent gave the place full marks in her review in The Standard, describing it as ‘pure joy‘ while Kathryn Flett in The Telegraph avoids oysters and langoustines due to a ‘muggy June Tuesday’ being ‘hotter than Athens.’ We’re fairly sure they have refrigeration, though, so don’t worry.

Everything you need to know: Westerns Laundry

Gul and Sepoy

This new Indian restaurant splits its menu into two halves – Southern and Northern Indian cuisine. It’s a touch early for the critics but London is buzzing with praise already for the punchy flavours coming out of this kitchen.

Everything you need to know: Gul and Sepoy 

Hoppers St. Christopher’s Place

There’s a new Hoppers in town and this time, you can book! They’re also doing a ridiculously good value ‘feast menu’ which is like a mini tasting menu for £28.50 a head. We were down there sharpish to check it out, of course. Our man Chris Pople described his meal as ‘an irresistible dance through exciting Sri Lankan specialities’.

Everything you need to know: Hoppers St. Christopher’s Place



It seems like everyone is talking about Sibarita right now; we can barely bump into someone in the know without them telling us how friendly and helpful the staff are, and how much they fell in love with the food.

Everything you need to know: Sibarita