London’s Best Street Food Stalls

London’s vibrant street food scene has gone from strength to strength in the past five years, growing from the odd truck in a car park here and there to dedicated markets all around the capital. We take a look at our favourite new street food stalls in London and throw in a few classics that never go out of fashion.

Beetroot and Feta Manti Mike and Ollie

Mike and Ollie Manti

We’ve loved Mike and Ollie from the start. The stall at Brockley Market is one still one of our favourites, and their charred cauliflower wrap is one of the best vegetarian wraps in London.

Did you know they now have a manti stall in Flat Iron Square? They started making manti — or Turkish dumplings — at their Camberwell restaurant Queen’s. That no longer operates as a restaurant (it’s a pop-up space for hire) but they took their most popular menu item and ran with it, up the road to Bermondsey.

We love their bright purple beetroot and feta version the best, sitting on a bed of garlic yoghurt and covered with breadcrumbs and chilli spiked butter. They’re surprisingly light and easy to eat, too.

Mike and Ollie Manti, Flat Iron Square Food Court, 68 Union Street, SE1 1TD

Rola Wala

Rola Wala

We respect Rola Wala’s approach to lunch, which is to make it as spice-fuelled and flavour-packed as possible.

They’ve just opened a new site in Spitalfields, where their sourdough naans are flying out of the door, freshly made and filled with fillings like Naga lamb (why, yes, that is one of the hottest chillies in the world) or charred chicken.

Oh and about that charred chicken wrap: we shot a behind-the-scenes video of them making it, just for fun. Warning: will induce hunger.

Rola Wala, 36 Brushfield Street, E1 6AT



London’s Mexican food scene is really hotting up, and we’re excited to welcome Elote to the mix. Their chargrilled corn takes us right back to the streets of Mexico, topped with chipotle, lime, queso fresco cheese and pumpkin seed salt.

Taco fans should listen up, too, as they’re serving marinated fish tacos, the like of which we’ve not seen anywhere else in London and also some banging quesadillas, one of them filled with intense mushroom, Chihuahua fresco (that’s a cheese) and chipotle ketchup. Who said the veggie option was boring?

Elote, see their Twitter account for current location

Luxury Flats

Luxury Flats

Firstly: yes, it’s a brilliant name. Secondly: yes we want to make a predictable joke about how this is the only luxury London flat you can afford (that was it, sorry).

Finally, we have to say that you’ll be hard pushed to find a more extravagantly layered flatbread than the examples flying off this stall. Owners Sam and Jake are into Asian flavours so you’ll be choosing between Koji fried chicken (super crisp, major umami) and miso short rib fillings, topped with fennel kimchi, pickles, pickled chillies, hot sauce (because extra hot = why not?) mirin yoghurt and ‘market salad’. They’re hot, fresh, spiced, tangy and most of all just plain brilliant.

Luxury Flats, keep an eye on their Instagram for location

LemLem Kitchen

Lemlem Kitchen

Lemlem Kitchen serves some of the best Eritrean food in London, and all from a stall in Netil Market. Husband and wife team Makda and Jack celebrate the food of Makda’s Eritrean heritage by using lots of Berbere (a beautiful spice mixture) and Niter Kibbeh (spiced butter used in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine).

We ADORE their wings, but you must also try their ‘tacos’ which are actually not tacos at all but miniature portions of injera. We still put them in our round up of London’s best tacos, though.

Lemlem Kitchen, 13 – 23 Westgate Street, E8 3RL

oli babas

Oli Babas

Oli Baba’s made a name for themselves on the street food scene with their halloumi fries because, well, people love deep fried cheese.

We love it best when it’s served with their super fresh fattoush, a Lebanese salad made with crunchy lettuce, tomatoes, crisp pieces of fried bread coated in za’atar and various other fresh bits and pieces which make it a lovely accompaniment to the very intense dairy.

Oli Baba’s, see Twitter for current location

Jhal Muri

Everybody Love Love Jhal Muri Express

Angus Denoon is unmissable, both in terms of his food and the appearance of his stall, which is so bright it could direct a few planes into Heathrow (probably).

He’s the nicest guy and will chat away to you about, well, anything really, while he’s knocking up a portion of his jhal muri, which he does to order, every time. Angus is a guy who really understands that street food is about the theatre as well as the end product.

Said product is brilliant too, of course, with lots of contrasting crispy noodles, puffed rice, spice and all round fun in a cone. It’s wheat-free and vegan too, so as Angus says, ‘accessible to all.’

Everybody Love Love Jhal Muri Express, find their current location on Twitter

house of dodo

House of Dodo

House of Dodo represents what’s really great about street food in London, which is that it’s often a chance to try a completely new cuisine. Ever had Mauritian food before? Us neither.

Their lima beans are brilliant, cooked in a traditional curry sauce and served with a spicy Mauritian pickled salad, called sour zasar, plus yoghurt, chillies and a home made mango sauce. All this adds up to a box full of bright, fresh food which is big on exciting contrasts. Bring on more Mauritian food, we say. House of Dodo is truly new and exciting.

House of Dodo, KERB, Kings Cross, N1C 4AA; other locations on Twitter

dhan waffle

Dhan Waffle

There are a few egg waffle places springing up around London now but we think the waffles at Dhan Waffle are particularly fun. They’re individual eggs, served in an egg box (see what they did there?) rather than in a sheet, like bubblewrap.

They also come with the best toppings, including actual full-on blankets of Nutella, peanut butter, caramel sauce or custard. In Taiwan egg waffles come plain but hey, this is London. We like to do things differently.

Dhan Waffle, Maltby Street Market, 41 Maltby Street

The Grilling Greek

These guys were the first Greek food truck and are still going strong. They make very authentic souvlaki on soft, round pitta which are filled with your choice of grilled skewer plus the traditional salad and yoghurt sauce. Owner Spryos says they taste this good because he tries to make them the way he had them when he was growing up.

We also have a massive soft spot for his chips, which come Greek style, topped with feta cheese and fresh oregano. Better than salt and vinegar? You decide.

The Grilling Greek, KERB Camden Market, NW1 8AF