Save the Date: Just Opened x Little Blue Door Housewarming Party

Dear JOL readers,

221B Baker Street, 32 Windsor Gardens, 7 Saville Row, 87 Notting Hill Gate and now – drum roll, please – 871 Fulham Road. These are all street addresses that every true Londoner should have inked into their mental parchments, but the last two come with a difference: firstly, the characters that live there are far from fictional, and secondly, they belong to one of London’s most creative and innovative hospitality groups at the moment.

They call themselves The Flatmates.


Why? Because that’s exactly how they want to you to feel when you’re there. Years ago, The Flatmates had an idea to take the stuffiness out of London dinner parties and really draw on getting an eclectic crowd to focus on what they thought was the most important thing: having fun. These nights were about leaving pretense at the door and dancing on the table, or just relaxing at the bar. Either way, the deliberately quirky environment was aimed at perfecting the house party-meets-restaurant-meets-adventure atmosphere, and after years at 68 and then 87 Notting Hill Gate, they have just opened their second venue at 871 Fulham Road and we want to shout about it, so much so that we’re doing a special event with them.

There are secret rooms, costumes, balloons, games to be played and memories to be made. We’ll say it now – if you’ve ever uttered the phrase, ‘Let’s just do something different for a change’, then in the name of Sherlock, Paddington and Phileas, keep your eyes peeled. We’ll be sending your invitation to the housewarming party of a lifetime in the next few days…