Zia Trench Interview, Tiger Dram restaurant in Battersea, London

Zia Trench [Tiger Dram]

Whisky and curry pairing restaurant Tiger Dram has just opened on Battersea Rise. The concept caught our attention through the authentic Indian tradition of whisky pairing with small plates.

We caught up with founder of Tiger Dram, Zia Trench, who shed some light on the inspiration behind the Battersea pop-up.

Do you go hardcore and sandblast your taste buds?

How did you prepare for the launch of Tiger Dram?

Copious curry, beer and whisky tastings (!) and a friend with awesome power tools who built the secret back door entrance.

What was your purpose for launching this restaurant?

To bring Londoners an authentic experience of Indian dining…

The Indian family I married into, make me exquisite, small dishes bursting with flavour. Indian home-cooking is subtle, varied and non-greasy; not the slop from takeouts that I was used to. My father-in-law introduced me to the world of whisky pairing with Indian dishes and go to any Indian wedding, to realise they’re all experts at it!

Why should people go?

For the sheer fun and adventure of trying delicious, authentic, Indian small plates with a dram: do you go hard-core and sandblast your taste buds? Or compliment the flavours with something smooth and creamy: that’s the journey!

What’s been your favourite recent London opening?

Too busy with my own opening I’m afraid for recent openings – looking forward though to my friend Tania who owns Negrils doing vegan Caribbean in Brixton Market.

Do you have a secret spot in London?

Yes – the log circle on Clapham Common near Cornish Tiger. Does that count?

Where would you go for one too many?

Any character-filled, old pub that hasn’t been gastro-ised! The kind of pubs I spent all my teens working in.

Why’s London the greatest city in the world?

Because you can do anything you want here: I’ve gone from modelling to busking to journalism to TV presenting to theatre directing to musician managing….to owning a restaurant – only possible in a great big, rippling city.

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