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The news that Fiz was opening for a 10-week residency at Lights of Soho on Brewer Street had us bubbling with excitement. Why? Well, because sparkling wine is fun to drink (who knew?) and because the idea behind the bar – that sparkling wine should be fun and accessible, not exclusive – is bang on.

Why should people with the money to drink Champagne have all the fun? You won’t find any on the list here because it’s all about introducing the masses to a range of more affordable sparkling wines, that are just as good and in some cases, even more enjoyable than Champagne.

Fizz Glass

It seems the word has got out, anyway, because half of London was rammed into Fiz on a sweltering Wednesday when the city was so humid the sweaty angst of a million commuters seemed to ooze from every pavement crack.

Fiz have dealt with this by rounding up an army of fans, blowing hair and blouses in every direction and, to be fair, they did an admirable job of keeping a very warm room reasonably cool. The neon light displays alone must be kicking out enough heat to warm through a Cup a Soup.


There’s loads available to try by the glass, and we loved the strawberry scented Ca Di Alte Prosecco Rosato for its lightweight, summery vibes. The Hush Heash (say it out loud, LOL) is a fine example of the English fizz that we should definitely be drinking more of, and a bargain at £10 for a glass. English fizz is great and all, but punchy in the price department. Snap this one up while you can.

There’s plenty on the funkier side of the dance floor too, with a Fuchs und Hase Pet Nat (2015) dividing the table like a private joke – we loved it. Natural wines can be challenging and some of them downright disgusting. If this very accessible example doesn’t convert you then they’re definitely not your bag. Fizzy red for the win, we say.

Fiz toasted sandwich

There’s nibbly food, too, although we think that Fiz could take the same approach to whittling down the menu as they have with the concise, focused wine list. There are some stand out dishes – a cheese toastie and pastrami bun – but others dilute the quality of the offering and we’d encourage them to expand their range of toasties because, well, doesn’t a cheese toastie and sparkling wine bar just sound like the best thing ever? Fatty things and fizz = win. You know what to order.

Fiz, 35 Brewer Street, W1F 0RX. Full details and opening hours. 

JOL was invited to review Fiz on a complimentary basis. We retain full editorial control.

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