Fitzrovia: Our Ultimate Guide

Fitzrovia’s slap bang in the middle of it all – and because of that, it has a little bit of everything. Its drinking dens have been the haunts of many London writers and artists, including George Bernard Shaw and Virginia Woolf, and the neighbourhood’s bars and restaurants still reflect that bohemian past today, tucked away down side streets, in repurposed buildings.

Here’s our pick of Fitzrovia’s best eating and drinking spots.



The Larder

New to the neighbourhood, The Larder is an all-day café serving both healthy and indulgent breakfasts – including everyone’s favourite’s St. John’s Doughnuts and Chef Diego Cardoso’s homemade cinnamon rolls – as well as plenty of lunch options. A good all-rounder.

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Dickie Fitz

A newcomer to London’s Australian dining scene, Dickie Fitz is serving all-day antipodean cuisine in the suitably bright surroundings that formerly housed the Newman Street Tavern. There’s even a Tim Tam Martini.

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Detox Kitchen Deli

Detox Kitchen Deli is much more than your typical pop-in, pop-out juice and salad bar. In addition to the usual somehow-healthy-and-delicious offerings that founder Lily Simpson has become known for, the Fitzrovia branch serves small plates and even has a gym downstairs.

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Percy & Founders

Percy & Founders, housed in the former Middlesex Hospital Building, have turned the concept of hospital food on its head with their Modern British, European influenced cuisine.

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Big Fernand

Fitzrovia is home to one of Just Opened London’s favourite hamburgers, or should we say hamburgés? Big Fernand do burgers the French way – think lots of cheeses to choose from and veal, lamb, chicken or beef cooked to perfection. And they’ve just turned 1!

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Maple & Fitz

A cold-pressed juice joint that also serves super food salads and cookies – of the raw cacao and chia seed variety, of course. Maple & Fitz is one of our top spots for a healthy lunch.

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A quirky bar with great cocktails. Oh, and a 5 hour long daily Happy Hour, Sunday to Fridays….

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Stephen St. Kitchen

We’d advise going light on the popcorn next time you’re visiting the BFI Fitzrovia, the in-house restaurant – Stephen St Kitchen – is seriously worth a visit.

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Remember when former public conveniences were the location-of-choice for all of the hot London openings? Attendant was one of our top choices for that particular fad, serving seriously good coffee that can be sipped while sitting at an original Doulton & Co 1890’s porcelain urinal.

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Reverend JW Simpson

Formerly occupied by a man of the clergy, this intimate gem of a bar is all peeling wallpaper, chipped paint and intimate booths. With the excellent cocktails that we’ve come to expect from the Bourne & Hollingsworth team on offer, who could resist drinks in a former vicarage operating an open piano policy?

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An all-day help-yourself, eat-in or take-out vegetarian dining spot near Oxford Circus. Created by Jessica Kruger, who was bored of typical high street food (aren’t we all?) Ethos is a breath of fresh, fuss-free air.

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We have a slight weakness for all things Austrian, so Boopshi’s, London’s first schnitzel and spritz restaurant, is right up our street.

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Berners Tavern

Jason Atherton doing what he does best – good, modern British fare. The interior is as tastefully put together as the menu, with portraits, still lives and landscapes crowding for space on the walls.

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