Dhruv Mittal’s Top 5 Old Fashioned Cocktails In London

While the Old Fashioned is arguably one of the most classic cocktails out there, Dhruv Mittal – owner and chef of Soho staple Dum Biryani House – shares which London hotspots serve playful variations on the all-time favourite…

Dhruv Mittal - profile

The Piano Bar Soho: Smokey Old Fashioned. Mittal says, ‘The best smoked Old Fashioned I’ve had in the city in one of the most intimate bars in all of Soho. It even comes in a jar full of smoke to sit and infuse until you’re ready to drink.’

The Piano Bar Soho, 16 Carlisle St, W1D 3BT 

Shoreditch Grind - espresso shots

Shoreditch Grind: Espresso Old Fashioned. Mittal says, ‘I spend a lot of my days working through coffee shops and for me Shoreditch Grind is the perfect place where work meets play. The espresso Old Fashioned is so simple but the best way to mark the beginning of the evening while you’re still running on overtime.’

Shoreditch Grind, 213 Old St, EC1V 9NR

The Artesian - Old Fashioned

Artesian: ‘You Turned 30’ Old Fashioned. Mittal says, ‘One of the world’s greatest bars in one of London’s most prominent hotels. You’re always sat amongst actors, musicians and celebrities and the service will make you feel like a millionaire. This is a great place to try the classics but when I’m here I like to twist it up. Although the ‘You Turned 30’ is depressing as a title, it turns up the volume on an Old Fashioned by incorporating sweet orange wine, coffee vodka and dry red wine tannins into a Glenfiddich 15. It allows you to explore all the finer things in life, in one drink.’

Artesian, 1C Portland Pl, W1B 1JA 

Bull in a China shop - old fashioned

Bull in a China shop: Chamomile and Charcoal Old Fashioned. Mittal says, ‘In recent years we’ve all seen a huge rise in Japanese whiskey, much of which I surprisingly really like. However, if you’re on the cusp on deciding whether you like it, try this one at a Shoreditch institution. We’re talking coconut charcoal-infused with Nikka From The Barrel (an amazing whiskey in my eyes), lifted with a light floral camomile syrup. This is something that your girl will love.’

Bull in a China shop, 196 Shoreditch High St, E1 6LG

Milroy's - interior

Milroy’s: Coconut Butter Old Fashioned. Mittal says, ‘The OG whiskey bar in London, with hundreds of bottles for you to choose from and a secret door leading you to one of my favourite cocktail spots in Soho. In there, you’ll find a coconut butter Old Fashioned, adding a tropical richness to a classic that you’ll remember forever.’

Milroy’s3 Greek St, W1D 4NX

Featured image: Artesian