Carl Clarke

Carl Clarke’s Top 5 Quirky Restaurants in London

Carl Clarke of Chick ‘n’ Sours and CHIK’N fame, shares his Top 5 quirky restaurants in London.

Joy Luck

Joy Luck, Chinatown. Carl says, ‘I love the Lanzhou stretch noodles, which are hand stretched squeaky noodles in a master stock, topped with all kinds of shizzle and chilli oil. It’s a net curtain kind of place and my local comfort food to Chick ‘n’ Sours.’

108 Garage

108 Garage, Portobello. Carl says, ‘this place blew me away. The chef Chris Denney just blows my mind with really delicate natural flavour combinations in an unfussy awesome environment. Go for the turbot with white peach and hibiscus.

Arthur's Cafe

Arthurs Café, Kingsland Road. Carl says, ‘I get the sausage, egg, beans and crusty bread. This place is a Haggerston institution – 80 years in the family and you’ll still find Arthur out front. Only breakfast and lunch and don’t ask for bacon after 11 am.’

Bao at Bun House in Soho, London.

Bun House, Old Compton Street. Carl says, ‘this is a quirky little place with a strange tea room downstairs that does all manner of concoctions. I go after work and eat tripe with black beans, sticky pork bun and always finish with the chocolate and pigs blood!’

Koya Bar, Soho. Carl says, ‘this is just my favourite place anytime for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They do the best udon in town and always the most beautiful specials with interesting English wild ingredients. I love the salted trout, sesame rice, miso soup and nuka pickles.’