Calum Franklin

Calum Franklin’s Top 5 Dishes In London

Calum Franklin of Holborn Dining Room is one of London’s hottest chefs, known for his incredible pastry skills. We asked him to share the top 5 dishes he’s eaten in London recently…


1. Shou Pa chicken at XUCalum says, ‘this tastes like it’s been basted in the juice of fifty roast chickens.’

Dripping Doughnut

2. Beef dripping doughnuts at Hawksmoor Borough. Calum says,  these are light and fluffy, piping hot and come with a pot of custard to dip in – the perfect dessert.’

Breddos Tacos

3. Pig’s head taco at Breddos. Calum says, ‘these are substance over style in the best possible way – it’s probably the ugly duckling of their menu but so tasty.’

Blanquette de veau

4. Blanquette de veau at Bar Boulud. Calum says, ‘this is one of my favourite ever comfort dishes, cooked here with skill and restraint.’


5. Whole trout with almonds at Aquavit. Calum says, ‘I was impressed with all the fish cookery at Aquavit but this one stood out – it was a real delight to eat whole fish cooked with such respect.’