The Top 5 London Restaurants That Opened in November

It’s that time again folks! Here are the most significant restaurant openings from November.

5. Duddell’s

The paint is still wet on this one but it’s already all over Instagram thanks to previews. Their original restaurant in Hong Kong has 2 Michelin stars but here they’re taking a more ‘relaxed’ approach. It isn’t that laid back, to be fair, since they’re shaping dumplings like goldfish and air drying ducks. Oh, and it’s inside a church.

Everything you need to know: Duddell’s

4. Yen

London went mad for ramen, but now there’s a new noodle in town. Soba specialists Yen are here and they’ve brought in experts in the Japanese buckwheat noodles to get the ball rolling.

Everything you need to know: Yen

3. Bombay Bustle

Chef Rohit Ghai is on a high – he opened the stunning Jamavar a few months back and now he’s heading the kitchen at Bombay Bustle, a restaurant inspired by the dabbawala of Mumbai. He’s one of the most important Indian chefs cooking in London right now, so this is going to be a biggie.

Everything you need to know: Bombay Bustle

2. Hovarda

We loved what chef Hus Vedat did for Turkish food at his first restaurant Yosma, and now he’s turned his attention to Greek too. This cuisine has been stuck in a rut for years in London, making slow progress with a few new openings occasionally pushing things forward (The Greek Larder, Peckham Bazaar). Now, Aegean food is going big at this shiny, glamorous new site in Soho.

Everything you need to know: Hovarda


1. Pastaio

We may have been disappointed with the food at Pastaio but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the significance of its opening. It’s designed to be another Padella, which is to say it’s an affordable, fast, casual pasta concept and the next step in London’s new pasta obsession.

Everything you need to know: Pastaio