The Top 5 London Restaurants that Opened in January

It’s that time again folks! Here are the most significant restaurant openings from January.

Stockwell Continental

5. Stockwell Continental

We loved Stockwell Continental. Why? Well, these guys have dared to open a pizzeria that isn’t Neapolitan. Although we have come across the Roman style a few times before, it’s the flavour of the dough and the quality of the toppings that really got us excited at SC. The guys behind this place are also behind The Anchor & Hope group so they really know what they’re doing.

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4. Sorella

We’re always interested in any openings from Robin Gill and the guys behind The Dairy, and now they’ve turned what used to be The Manor into Sorella. It’s an Amalfi-inspired Italian and we’re very excited indeed to see what they can do in the pasta department because, well, pasta is brilliant.

Everything you need to know: Sorella 

3. Roganic

Simon Rogan has reopened his pop up Roganic, although this time there’s no popping up or down because it’s permanent. Rogan is one of the UK’s finest chefs and we had one of the best meals of our lives at his magical L’Enclume restaurant in Cumbria (where his team also run a farm, supplying produce to the restaurants). The first Roganic was head-spinningly popular – watch this space for our verdict on the rebirthed version.

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2. The Coach

Henry Harris has set to work revamping pubs, and we are very happy to reap (eat) the rewards. London restaurant goers were distraught when he closed Racine in 2015 so we’re thrilled to see him back. His style is very much classic French but makes use of British ingredients without any fuss, by which we mean it’s technically brilliant cooking without any irritating pomp.

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1. Kudu

We fell in love with Peckham’s new South African inspired restaurant for many reasons: the quality of the cooking, obviously but also the beautiful room and friendly yet efficient service. A restaurant is about more than the food, it’s about the experience as a whole. Kudu has the recipe nailed.

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