London’s Best Last-Minute Food with Deliveroo

We all turn to Deliveroo when we want to hunker down on the sofa and binge watch our favourite TV show but have you ever considered how handy the site can be when you find yourself in a food fix?

Whether you’ve forgotten the drinks for that barbecue and your guests are knocking on the door, or you’ve got nothing in the cupboards for breakfast, Deliveroo can be your knight in shining armour. These are some of the ways we’ve made the site our saviour…

When you’ve forgotten… the picnic 

Ottolenghi, Monty’s Deli, Snowflake Gelato, Scoop

We reckon you could just pretend you’ve forgotten the picnic, because seriously, who has time to make a whole picnic from scratch? We suggest choosing some jaw-dropping, rainbow-coloured salads from Ottolenghi to kick things off on an impressive note – perhaps chargrilled broccoli with chilli and garlic or roasted sweet potato with whipped goats’ cheese and spicy pumpkin jam.

montys deli

Sandwiches are also a must, and some of the best in London come from Monty’s Deli. Of course, they’re on Deliveroo. Place an order for some fat Reubens stacked high with salt beef or pastrami, Russian dressing, coleslaw and cheese – that should set you up for that nap under a tree afterwards.


Of course, you’ll need dessert and there’s nothing better than ice cream at a picnic – keep it wrapped and out of the sun while you eat your sandwiches and it’ll be good to go when you need that fix. We love Snowflake Gelato for their scarlet strawberry sorbet or Scoop for their downright handy one-litre sharing tubs.

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When you’ve forgotten… to plan that healthy lunch


Ahi Poke, Boost Juice Bars, Simple Health Kitchen, Protein Haus

Eating a balanced diet can take a lot of forward planning and sometimes, well, we just forget to get organised. Who doesn’t? Deliveroo has plenty of lighter options to choose from, including poke, juices, salads and chicken or fish dishes.

Order a stunning (and very Instagrammable) brown rice bowl from Ahi Poke, topped with tuna, red onion, radish, coriander and sesame, or build your own bowl from their range of fish and other toppings. These fish bowls originate from Hawaii and are all the rage in super health-conscious California, and now London.


Or how about building your own salad plate at Simple Health Kitchen? Choose from salads including spinach with golden tahini and coconut and lime quinoa, then top with a protein like salmon or peri peri chicken. Desserts come in the form of fruits or creative variations on traditional treats – like the ‘raw Snickers bars’ made with peanuts, cashews, dates and peanut butter.

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When you’ve forgotten… the nibbles

Comptoir Libanais, Hummus Bros, Nandine

Deliveroo is packed with a whole host of glorious nibbly bits that a driver will bring right to your front door. Mezze is the order of the day (literally) here, because it involves lots of different dishes – think creamy hummus to swipe with fluffy pita bread, smoky baba ganoush thick with grilled aubergine and bright, vibrant salads like sumac-sprinkled tabbouleh.

The Lebanese do sprightly spreads like this incredibly well and if you’re in South London we suggest trying the peerless Nandine, who make Kurdish mezze that will blow your mind. Seriously, their stuffed vine leaves are the best we’ve ever tasted and their red pepper and pomegranate molasses dip is something we’d probably fight you for…

Simply lay everything out in individual tubs, order lots of bread to dip and dunk, and make sure you’ve got fresh carrot and orange juice by the truckload. Oh and do order baklava for afters, because what is a meze spread without a sticky treat to round things off?

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Tray of food at Meatliquor

When you’ve forgotten… the party food

Meatliquor, Pizza Pilgrims

You’ve got friends coming over to watch the big game and you’ve not had a chance to make those Buffalo wings you promised them. No matter – Meatliquor delivers them right to your door. Their wings come deep-fried and drenched in house-made hot sauce and melted butter and of course, they’re served with a blue cheese dip for essential dunking purposes.

It would be rude not to get the burgers in, too, so grab a couple of Dead Hippies, some green chilli cheeseburgers and a side of deep fried mac ‘n cheese. Oh, and did you know they also deliver hard shakes? That’s a milkshake with a shot of booze – choose from flavours including White Russian and Bannoffee Hi. If the party really gets started, they deliver mini, shot-sized bottles of Jagermeister. Just sayin’…

pizza pilgrims

If pizza is more your thing then that’s no brainer: a stack of steaming boxes could be at your door faster than it takes to play half a football match. And you can’t go wrong with Pizza Pilgrims – the Nduja pizza is a must-scoff.

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When you’ve forgotten… the dessert

Kova Patisserie, Ben’s Cookies, Doughnut Time, Maitre Choux

You’ve carefully planned the whole meal, from the appetisers to the starters, the main course to the… oh.

There’s nothing to worry about though because Deliveroo also does dessert. Plunge face first into the world of Japanese patisserie with Kova Patisserie, who make beautiful strawberries and cream sponge slices and layered matcha cakes, like perfect stacks of grass-green pancakes.

If you need sweet stuff for a crowd then consider Ben’s Cookies, who sell their incredible melting Belgian chocolate cookies in boxes of 7-60. Yep, that’s a whole lot of cookie. Or, if the situation requires something a little more refined, perhaps a box of éclairs from upmarket éclair shop Maitre Choux. How could you or your guests resist salted butter and caramel or hazelnut and milk chocolate treasure éclairs, the latter painted entirely with (edible) gold..?

Order on Deliveroo


When you’ve forgotten… the drinks

Termini Centrale, Deliveroo Off Licence, Vagabond, La Cave

Oops. You’ve forgotten the drinks that were supposed to get the party started, so it’s a good job they’re only a few clicks away. Deliveroo Off Licence is purpose-built for just this kind of emergency – choose from Champagnes, beers, wines and spirits – there’s even a swanky Japanese whisky on the menu. Specialist wine merchants hang out on Deliveroo too; your favourite bottles are but minutes away.

bar termini

Believe it or not, it’s even possible to order cocktails, with Tony Conigliaro’s Termini Centrale delivering bottles of his famous Negroni, right into your hands. What a time to be alive.

Order on Deliveroo

When you’ve forgotten… the birthday cake

Hummingbird Bakery, Cutter and Squidge, Lola’s Cupcakes

OK, so forgetting the birthday cake is pretty bad, but don’t fear, because you can totally just order one instead. Hummingbird Bakery delivers vanilla rainbow cakes, red velvets or even 8-inch high chocolate salted caramel creations. If you’ve also forgotten where your knives are, simply order cupcakes – they come in boxes of 6 and 12.

Cutter & Squidge sell a range of cakes and doughnuts, and will even deliver platters of sweet things including macarons, biskies, brownies and cake truffles. Lola’s Cupcakes are themed, so you can choose boxes of fruity cakes or those more suited to chocolate lovers. Oh and they’ve also come up with the genius idea that is mini cheesecakes, so no one has to squabble over whether they’ve had their fair share.

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When you’ve forgotten… breakfast

Arancini Bros, Crépeaffaire, Dumplings Legend

Maybe you rushed home the night before? Or you’ve got unexpected company? Look, we’re not judging… the fact remains you need breakfast, and fast. The Arancini Bros, as well as keeping us supplied with those brilliant deep fried rice balls have a range of breakfast wraps including the excellent chorizo, roast tomato and rocket. That should bust away any traces of hangover.

Crépeaffaire specialise in all things pancake with a range of savoury and sweet fillings, including Le Goat Deluxe, which is filled with goats’ cheese, Cheddar, onion confit, spinach and red onion. We suggest a freshly squeezed orange juice alongside.

You could even order dim sum; Chinatown stalwart Dumplings Legend is on Deliveroo and ready to ferry their (truly) legendary dumplings to your sofa. Order lots of their xiao long bao, or soup dumplings, and while you’re waiting for them to cool make sure you have plenty of appetisers like cold fungus (trust us) and tofu with preserved eggs (again…) to keep you going.

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