The 5 Best Christmas Sandwiches in London

It’s the time of year when we all anticipate the thrill of Christmas dinner by eating a vastly inferior version stuffed between two pieces of bread. Hang on though, because it doesn’t have to be that way. Step away from that coffee shop panino – it’s time to up your Christmas sandwich game.

From the high street…

Pret’s Christmas Lunch 

Pret is the only contender worth considering here. We’ve suffered through many Christmas sandwich taste tests over the years and know this: it is not fun. It is distressing and involves cold bacon and a lot of brown wrinkly things clamped between wet bread.

Pret’s version is better because they make them in-store, on the day you buy them. They also have the best fillings, which are generous and include a decent amount of veg to freshen things, and we all know that the most powerful weapon in their arsenal is the crispy onions.

Price: £3.45

Pret A Manger, various locations

Fried chicken…

Twisted Santa Sandwich at CHIK’N and Mr Wang’s Famous Fry at Chick’n’Sours

Did you know that, in Japan, millions of people eat KFC for their Christmas lunch? It’s true, which means fried chicken is officially a Christmas food.

At CHIK’N, it’s served with their own sausage stuffing; cranberry sauce given a sweet ’n sour makeover; their buttermilk and herb mayo and some pink pickled onions. It’s unconventional but it’s got cranberry, which makes it qualify as a Christmas sandwich – probably.

At Chick’n’Sours (top photo) there’s fried thigh, a ham and cheese fritter, pineapple kimchi, kewpie mayo and… secret sauce, which we’ll admit does sound vaguely threatening.

Prices: £8.45 for the Twisted Santa Sandwich; £14 for Mr Wang’s Famous Fry

CHIK’N, 134 Baker Street, W1U 6SH 

Chick’n’Sours, 1A Earlham Street, WC2H 9LL; 390 Kingsland Road, E8 4AA

The burger…

Hawksmoor’s Christmas Burger 

Hawksmoor never holds back, which is why we’ve chosen their Christmas burger as the best of this year’s bunch. OK, so it doesn’t actually contain any beef, so maybe isn’t actually a burger, but who cares when there’s pork AND deep fried turkey inside? There’s bacon, of course, and it’s crispy and fresh – basically the opposite of the greasy cold meat peelings you find in pre-packed sandwiches.

Spiced cranberry ketchup, sprout tops and a slice of Ogleshield cheese complete the stack, along with a pot of steaming turkey gravy, for dunking. It’s like fried chicken meets Christmas sandwich meets French dip, and we applaud them for their limitless enthusiasm at this time of excess and extra belt notches.

Price: £13 (£16.50 with chips or something called ‘salad’).

Hawksmoor, various locations

The Christmas dinner in a bun…

The Burgducken at Meatliquor

Firstly, top marks for the name, which is a riff on Turducken (a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey) and also highlights the dark-Christmas Frankenstein quality of this arrangement. It’s all in there: a five-bird roast including turkey, duck, chicken, pigeon and pheasant and then – we assume to keep it moist – it’s all minced up with some pork belly. This leaves us with a frankly rather bonkers six-creature patty.

It’s topped with a mayonnaise which packs cranberry and brandy, a Brussels sprout coleslaw and finally – pigs in blankets, for that final decisive flourish of double meat.

They’ve collaborated on this beast with Tom Kerridge – although we assume he removes the bun before eating.

Price: £12.50

MEATLiquor, various locations

The cheesy one…

Byron Fromagemas 

If you’re after a sandwich that truly embodies the gluttonous spirit of Christmas then look no further. This is a burger with *deep breath* Barber’s Cheddar, Barber’s Red Leicester, Byron Cheese, a crispy Grana Padano wafer, red onion, smoked tomato ketchup and Grana Padano aioli.

Hmm, sounds a bit healthy, doesn’t it? Here’s a jug of cheese sauce on the side (really), for pouring over the burger, and a defibrillator.

Price: £11

Byron, various locations

Feature image: Mr Wang’s Famous Fry at Chick ‘n’ Sours. Credit: Thomas Bowles