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Beer and Food Pairing Guide By Brewhouse & Kitchen

Simon Bunn and Kris Gumbrell recently opened Brewhouse & Kitchen in Hoxton, complete with an on-site brewery and an exciting new summer menu. Each dish comes with expertly chosen beer pairings, bringing the flavours and your experience to a whole new level. Here, they share the perfect beer pairings for Britain’s beloved comfort foods…

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Best For… Indian curry

‘For a chicken tikka masala or for any curry with a bit of a kick, make sure to choose an IPA. Most people, including some Indian restaurants, would choose a lager, but the crisp and refreshing taste of an IPA will cool down your tongue without distracting from the abundance of herbs and spices in your dish. We pair our Sri Lankan vegetable curry with an IPA to enhance the flavours’.

Best For… Fish and Chips

‘Fish and chips, a classically British dish that helps to define what we call comfort food, is best paired with a lager or, if you want to play on the taste of lemon and salt, go with a session IPA or one that has a little fruit twist’.

Brewhouse & Kitchen Hoxton - food and beer

Best For… A No-Frills Burger

‘The burger, a staple feature of restaurants across the nation. While the world is definitely not short of burger variations, the classic beef burger is best paired with an American style ale in all circumstances. The ale maintains the freshness of beers like lager and IPA while swimming with deep flavours that complement that of the burger’.

Best For… Seafood Dishes

‘Seafood dishes, such as calamari or crab cakes are often tipped to pair with a Rioja, whether red, white or rosé, but shellfish and seafood in general goes great with a Belgian beer, known for its low bitterness and an emphasis on the use of malts’.

Best For… A Rich Chocolate Dessert

‘For a chocolate dessert, make sure to grab yourself a stout or porter. The deep and rich flavours will match that of the chocolate and enhance the dessert. Some stouts and porters can be fairly strong, so make sure to check the strength and, if necessary, go with a half pint’.

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