April 2018 Restaurant News Roundup

Take a deep breath and grab a cuppa, because a lot happened in the world of London restaurants this April…

April’s Top 5 Most Important Openings

Michelin stars, a car lift into a restaurant and a taqueria make the grade this month. Check out the top 5 most exciting openings in April.

Significant Bar and Restaurant Closures

Happily, there weren’t any significant closures this month, although restaurant group giant D & D did announce they will be closing their four businesses within The Royal Exchange: Sauterelle, The Gallery, Threadneedle Bar and Grand Café will all close in August, to be replaced by Fortnum & Mason, reported Eater London.

Headline News From the London Restaurant Scene

Independent east London restaurant Ombra found itself at the centre of a Twitter storm this month when food writer Rosie French tweeted about being charged £1.50 for extra Parmesan. Jay Rayner got involved and before they knew it all hell broke loose with many a furious onliner wading in. We have to feel sorry for the restaurant, as 36 month-aged Parmesan ain’t cheap and the supplement was marked on the menu.

Dan Doherty

Chef Dan Doherty has moved on from 24-hour restaurant Duck & Waffle to pursue his own projects. We went to his pop-up Sprout at the (now-closed) Camberwell wine bar Nape and were wowed by the food. We hope he makes it permanent.

Chinese-Portuguese restaurant TĀTĀ Eatery is due to return. Originally a year-long pop up in Haggerston, it built a loyal following. We’re already thinking about that katsu sandwich…

Raye, a singer-songwriter accused restaurant Ivy Chelsea Garden of racism after a dispute over dress code where the restaurant granted access to her white friend but not her black friend who was also wearing an informal outfit.

Life Kitchen, the startup charity which provides cooking lessons for those whose taste buds have been affected by cancer held an auction of plates designed by famous artists at Rambla this month to raise money. Now, they’ve launched a much larger crowdfunding campaign along with patron Sue Perkins to formalise the charity and roll out classes across the country.

Chick n Sours

Chick ‘n’ Sours’ original Haggerston branch has closed for an extensive refurbishment – when they reopen in June they’ll have doubled capacity and added a late night basement bar.

Selfridges has started selling ‘The Avolato’ – an avocado made from gelato that’s 60% avocado and a ‘superfood’ nut butter stone. Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

Featured image: Cornerstone (one of our top 5 openings)

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