16 Best Dishes to Cure a Hangover

So here we are again. You’re all set to tear up the town tonight, and you might be feeling, well, pretty torn up tomorrow. Not for the first time (or the last) you’re paying for yesterday’s YOLO mantra. Now you’re actually glad you only live once – if only so you never have to live through another hangover again. No judgement from us, of course; we’ve all been there. (Why else would we have this list ready?)

On the morning after the night before, you need food, and you need it fast. So why waste any time before hangover meets hangry? This list is for all those times when happy hour got a little too happy, and you need help getting over that hangover. Now go – we’ll see you there.

1. Short rib crumpet at Dirty Bones


We couldn’t not start with this. A toasted crumpet with umami butter, 14hour beef short rib, free range egg, hollandaise, mustard seed and caramelised shallots. Seriously, trust the guys at Dirty Bones to turn the old-school crumpet into one of London’s hottest must-eats. It’s as dirty as it gets and they make no bones about it.

Address: 1 Club Row, London, E1 6JX
Contact: [email protected]
Website: Dirty Bones 

2. Ready-sliced pizza at Radio Alice


Can’t face another margarita? How about a margherita? Thought so. If a 12-inch disc of dough is too much for you to handle, great news. At Radio Alice, all pizzas are served already cut into 8 slices, with the individual toppings added to each slice afterward. Problem solved. We like the Pizza Rosse, topped with fior di latte, tomato and basil.

Address: 16 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NT
Contact: 020 7018 3656
Website: Radio Alice

3. Beef rib eye tacos at Breddos Tacos


And… we’re back on the margaritas. No, not really. But for something equally Mexican, mosey on down to Breddos Tacos. If you thought you could never feel anything again (minus that pounding head), there’s nothing like a bit of spice to kick some life back into you. Our favourite? Their beef rib eye tacos, topped with shrimp chiltomate, masa onion rings and pickled jalapeño.

Address:  82 Goswell Road, EC1V 7DB
Contact: [email protected]
Website: http://breddostacos.com/

4. Salmon meatballs and béchamel at Balls & Company


Now, hangover food doesn’t always have to be lazy or sloppy. But meatballs never exactly screamed fancy – until now. Balls & Company was created by Australian chef Bonny Porter, who, fed up with the “dude food” trend, wants to class it up a bit. Clearly, the lady’s got balls, as these are far from your average meatballs. The salmon balls with béchamel are a killer combination; our idea of comfort food at its finest.

Address:  58 Greek Street, Soho W1D 3DY
Contact: 020 7851 6688
Website: http://ballsandcompany.london/

5. Mac & cheese balls at Red’s True Barbecue


And on to another type of ball. Don’t know about you, but when hungover, we rather like eating foods that seem like something a drunk person might throw together. It’s like a reminder that, every so often, good things do come out of being drunk. Case in point: these mac & cheese balls. We rest our case.

Address:  54-56 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3QR
Contact: 0203 021 2302
Website: http://truebarbecue.com/shoreditch/

6. Szechuan aubergine at Chick ‘n’ Sours

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We could sit around and pretend we come here just for the fried chicken, or we could just be straight with you. It’s the Szechuan aubergine we’re after. Until this crowd favourite at Chick ‘n’ Sours, we never thought we’d be this excited to eat our vegetables. The Szechuan-inspired sauce will perk you right up – so much so that you just might find yourself ready for one of their signature sours… Too soon? Ok, read on then.

Address: 1a Earlham Street, Seven Dials, WC2H 8LL
Contact: [email protected]
Website: http://www.chicknsours.co.uk/seven-dials/

7. Pork belly chicharonnes at Pachamama


If it isn’t clear by now, we like – like, really like – our crispy fried stuff. Especially when we’re hungover. We can’t really stomach all that ceviche (too much cold seafood) but this fried pork belly chicharonnes at Pachamama we’re totally on board with.

Address: 18 Thayer Street, London, London, W1U 3JY
Contact: [email protected]
Website: http://pachamamalondon.com/

8. Avocado toast at Counter Kitchen


Last night there may have been a toast or three too many – we’re about to raise another. Now, most of us fall off the healthy eating wagon when we’re hungover. But for the blessed few whose discipline never wavers, you may be looking for a better-for-you hangover cure. This mindfulness eatery is a great place to start. We all know we need fat to soak up the night’s excesses, so why not a healthy fat like avocado? Hit up Counter Kitchen for their smashed avocado & chilli flakes on toast – poached egg optional.

Address: 63 Goswell Road EC1V 7EN
Contact: 0203 441 9562
Website: http://counterkitchen.com/

9. Smoked ham hock & mustard grilled cheese at Morty and Bob’s


When you’re hungover, nothing beats a good grilled cheese, we tell you. Nothing. And the smoked ham hock & mustard grilled cheese at Morty and Bob’s is one of London’s best. Plus we couldn’t think of a better place to kick back and nurse that hangover than this hidden gem of a café. (P.S. They also do some great coffee.)

Address: Netil House, 1 Westgate Street, London E8 3RL
Contact: 020 3095 9420
Website: http://www.mortyandbobs.com/

10. Grilled meats on flatbread at Temper


Ok we admit it: we’re all partial to a kebab after a night out. Not that this is anything close to that – it’s way better. Temper grills their meat whole over a live fire, serving it all chopped up in 100g portions with freshly baked flatbread. The best part? They source their meat from small UK producers offering specialist breeds. So unlike the mystery meat kebabs we’ve all had at the end of the night, you actually know where your meat comes from.

Address: 25 Broadwick St.
Contact: 020 3879 3834
Website: http://temperrestaurant.com/

11. Lamb & coriander potstickers at My Neighbours The Dumplings

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So we’ve given you an alternative to a kebab, but what if you’re in the mood for Chinese? Instead of a Chinese takeaway, head on over to Clapton for My Neighbours The Dumplings. These lamb & coriander potstickers are not the most traditional but come on, do you really care when you’re that hungover? Regardless, we guarantee you these are some of the best dumplings you’ll find in London.

Address: 165 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 8EQ
Contact: 020 3327 1556
Website: http://www.myneighboursthedumplings.com/

12. Manti at Yosma


From one type of dumpling on to another; this time of a Turkish variety. The Manti at Yosma are stuffed with lamb neck, topped with a creamy yogurt sauce, and finished with chilli oil and mint. Did you know that yogurt, chilli and mint are all known to be great for treating a hangover? You’re welcome.

Address:  50 Baker Street, London, W1U 7BT
Contact:  0203 019 6282
Website: Yosma

13. Beef stroganoff at Zima’s


If there’s one thing the Russians are known for, it’s their ability to hold their liquor. Now, we know you probably can’t stomach any of Zima’s house-infused vodkas any time soon. But even if you can’t drink like a Russian, maybe you can eat like one. We love the street food concept here, which means that everything is served in small plates. Our favourite? The short rib beef stroganoff with ceps and crushed new potatoes. Proper meat and potatoes in bite-sized form.

Address: 45 Frith Street, Soho, London W1D 4SD
Contact: [email protected]
Website: http://zima.bar/

14. Cong you bing at Chinese Laundry


If you think you’ve bing there, done that – until you’ve had this cong you bing (aka crispy scallion pancake), you really haven’t. Chinese Laundry churns out some of the best classically Chinese dishes in London, and the cong you bing is our favourite. This Chinese snack consists of a crispy, multi-layer pancake with spring onions. We like ours with egg, just because.

Address: 107 Upper Street, London N1 1QN
Contact: [email protected]
Website: http://chineselaundryroom.co.uk/

15. Shakshuka at Café Loren


One of the only good things about hangovers – though we like to think we’ve given you 16 new ones – is breakfast on the morning after. Now, we could go on about how eggs are full of amino acids that boost your liver function and get rid of all the headache-inducing chemicals… Or we could just tell you to get yourself over to Israeli coffee shop Café Loren now. Israeli good, we promise.

Address: 5-6, The Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AH
Contact:  020 3076 0099
Website: http://www.cafeloren.com/

16. King Chocolate Waffle by Nosteagia


Sugar is the oldest hangover cure in the book, so we had to end this on a sweet note. We know bubbly is probably the last thing on your mind right now, but you need this in your life. Move over bubble tea – it’s all about the bubble waffle. This psychedelic creation by Nosteagia is everything. You just have to look at it to feel instantly better. As for whether sugar really works, the jury’s still out on this one, but we’d like to believe it does. (We don’t promise you won’t get a sugar hangover after this though.)

Address: 175 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6HU
Contact: 07564 117339
Website: www.nosteagia.com 

So there you have it, London: 16 delicious ways to cure a hangover. Don’t know about you, but if this is what the consequences look like, we’re willing to suffer. Who knows – you may actually start looking forward to the morning after.

And yes, we’re well aware that (with the exception of the avo toast) none of these bites are the healthiest things for you. But remember, we did warn you it wasn’t going to be the last time you uttered the word ‘YOLO’.

Words by Stephanie Ang