Mike Reid [M RAW]

M RAW is London’s very first, entirely gluten free and fine dining restaurant in Victoria.

We see a whole host of concepts come and go, some genuinely impressive, some a flash in the pan. We’re not saying we’ve got a crystal ball (as being a long-standing pioneer in London is no easy task) but M RAW seems to fall within the former, so we took a little time to catch up with Executive Chef, Mike Reid, and pick his brains about… all sorts.

Mike Reid from M RAW

Mike, tell us a little more about how you prepared for the launch of RAW?

We identified a clear gap in the market for ‘Clean Eating’ and made a 100% gluten free menu that is filled with taste sensations.

M RAW (2)


What variables played a part in your location choice?

Victoria is about to explode as the new restaurant hotspot!

What would you say your speciality offering is at RAW?

The worlds most ethically sourced and sustainable fish. My signature Tartares and much more – the menu is 100% Gluten free, sophisticated dining.

If you had to advise us on three courses to try, drink pairing included (of course), which direction would you point us in?

First Course – ‘Ultra Brut Billicarte Salmon Champagne’ with guacamole and vegetable crisps

Vercheron bio-dynamic and organic Sancerre – with ‘Open Blue’ Cobia, green pickle, black sesame and chive flowers.

Dona Silva bio-dynamic / organic ‘Fresh Malbec’ – with an Argentine sirloin protein bowl, courgette spaghetti, avocado, sweet potato and buckwheat taco.

Tell us a little more about sourcing your produce…

Our Fish is the highest quality, money can buy: Ike-Jime is one man- one line- one fish; the most ethically sourced, sustainable and tasty in London. The beef we use is the best Wagyu found in Europe.

What’s been your favourite opening in London this year?

Upstairs at Trinity, casual, protein rich small plates (very similar to our RAW offering). Adam Byatt is a genius and his recent star – totally deserved.

If you could see more of one thing in London what would it be?

We need more Steak Restaurants (I’m joking!). We need more (and faster) River Boats to assist commuters. I am also dismayed by the lack of availability of Krug by the glass.

If some out-of-towners were visiting for the weekend where would you take them?

Busaba for lunch, Mews for Afternoon Tea, M for the finest Steak dinner found in London.

Late night watering holes are few and far between nowadays, where would you go for one too many? 

Home House – A fantastic late night (and daytime) hotspot….

Home House

Why is London the greatest city in the world?

London is a microcosm of the world and embraces the finest cuisine and people from six continents. Our liberalism and openness is our greatest asset and allows us to benefit from both the fantastic work forces from across the globe and their (now our) cuisines. The greatest food, wine and people make it the finest city in the world!