Aymeric Peurois [Mamie’s]

Mamie’s is London’s very own version of authentic Breton cuisine. Whats that you ask? Basically a shed load of galettes, crêpes, and cider – so what’s not to love? We caught up with Mamie’s founder Aymeric Peurois to pick his brain about all things Mamie’s…and a few things London.

Tell us a little more about how you prepared for the launch of Mamie’s?

MAMIE’S launch is the result of a 3 years’ adventure for me. I used to work in the city and the process of switching gears and executing that U-turn to hospitality was quite the journey. With no previous experience, I relocated to Paris to work as a waiter in a tiny but amazing crêperie in Montparnasse (Chez Jeanne, 58 rue du Montparnasse); I attended a crêpe school in Brittany close to my grand-parents’ house in Rennes; I assembled an amazing team to help me find a location, fit-out the building, decorate the restaurant, finalize the menu, set-up the operations, etc. MAMIE’S is a two pillar concept: The Crêperie (restaurant) and the Cidrotheque (cider bar). MAMIE’S was born from my passion to recreate an authentic French Crêperie which serves Breton cider.

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What variables played a part in your location choice?

Being a start-up and being such a young, rookie restaurateur, proved quite difficult in accessing well located restaurant properties and convincing landlords of the relevance and viability of MAMIE’S. Because I was looking for a very central location, options were very limited, but I was very lucky to end up with a beautiful site in Covent Garden.

You certainly were. Great spot. What would you say your speciality offering is at Mamie’s?

MAMIE’S is a traditional Crêperie, the same as what you’ll find in every French city… With a little London twist! Our specialities are proper French crêpes, galettes and cider, but we do play around with these to come up with a modern and quirky take on those long-established dishes.

Anybody who stumbles upon the word crêperie will think crêpe… Not necessarily galettes! A galette is similar to a crêpe but the batter is very different, they are also paired with only savoury ingredients. MAMIE’S galettes are made up of buckwheat flour and water and it takes a very skilled crepier to make one (much harder than for crepes)! It’s sure to be favoured amongst health conscious foodies due to being gluten-free, and coeliac friendly. MAMIE’S bona fide galettes will prove to be an exciting new addition to the wide range of fantastic French food available to feast on in London.

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If you had to advise us on three dishes to try, which direction would you point us in?

For the purists, I would order the traditional ‘complete’ galette which consists of, egg, hHam and Emmental cheese; I recommend washing down with a bolée (bowl) of cider and then ending with a delicious butter and sugar crêpe. I would actually recommend that combination to anyone who’s never been to a French creperie as well! It’s the perfect introduction to the Breton culinary culture.

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Tell us a little more about sourcing your produce…

We are sourcing almost all the products we use in France through our trusted distributor Répertoire Culinaire. They are a family company that has grown in the UK over the last decade, and has a great range of French cured meats and French cheeses, some which they produce themselves. We tend to import all our ciders directly, In December 2014 and then April 2016, I toured Brittany and Normandy to visit more than 15 cider farms, to taste and to select all of our ciders myself.

Sounds like the dream research trip. What’s been your favourite opening in London this year?

Not an opening per-se (yet)… I’m very excited about La Grande Bouffe London. It’s a French supper club organizing dinner parties every month throughout central London. Hugo and Géraud, the chefs, have nailed their concept of French traditional recipes cooked in cast iron casseroles (cocottes). They cook classic and seasonal dishes that families used to prepare in the “Frenchest” vibe.

If you could see more of one thing in London what would it be? We really mean anything…

If you do mean literally anything… I’ll have to go with… Indoor ski slopes!

Nice choice! If some out-of-towners were visiting for the weekend where would you take them?

I’d take them on long walks around London’s parks, alongside regent’s canal and the river. I’d take the opportunity to wander around and just get lost in streets and neighbourhoods that I don’t know.

Late night watering holes are few and far between nowadays, where would you go for one too many?

Because I grew up in the Alps, one of my favourite places to go out is High Street Kensington’s Bodo’s Schloss, a unique Austrian / ski resort, dining and clubbing experience. Hopefully, they’ll build an indoor slope next to it.

Why is London the greatest city in the world?

Because it’s the only city where you can have MAMIE’S crepes!

Very true!