Red Rooster festival returns to Euston Hall, Suffolk June 2nd-4th for a weekend of ‘particular’ blues, Americana, soul and r ‘n’ b. An hour and twenty minutes away from the capital, Red Rooster’s US-style theme extends from music, to food and drink. more

The world’s biggest Arts festival can be tricky to navigate – and footing the bill for pricey accommodation can make the experience stressful. But there is a new way to avoid the price hikes. It’s time for the Fringe’s opportunistic hoteliers to make way for The Great Estate, writes Adam Bloodworth more

Time-kept Roman ruins, Georgian architecture and relaxing thermal pools: at just over an hour away, Bath makes for a wholesome and replenishing weekend – if you play your cards right, writes Adam Bloodworth more

Plenty, a grocery store in Bristol’s Old Town, began Just Opened’s search for new openings. “There’s The Rummer”, we hear from Steve who will soon open a dining pop-up above Plenty. “It’s a hotel which isn’t actually a hotel, but it probably was at some point.” Milk & Thistle, a Bristol cocktail bar, is hidden […] more