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aboutJUST OPENED LONDON is based on a simple premise. It has been set up to introduce you to the best of London’s newly opened offerings across the lifestyle spectrum.The idea stems from a belief held by the founders of the JUST OPENED NETWORK that there needs to be a simple platform that allows you to find what has just opened.Essentially the what is happening now.From new bars and hot restaurants to hotel and fashion store openings and fresh cultural fixes, JUST OPENED LONDON is a celebration of all that is new.We aren’t nor do we want to be a guide to everything going on in the capital. We love city guides but our obsession is with the new. We are a guide to that.Our belief is that the fresh, the challenging, the new-take, the reinvention, the alternative, the done-better, is what keeps cities alive.It’s part of a city’s DNA and what makes them special. It’s an environment loved by those that are thirsty for new experiences. The curious ones.  The ones who love to find the just opened offerings.Welcome to JUST OPENED LONDON - Fueling your curiosity.For any questions, queries, press releases, press enquiries or advertising enquiries, please get in touch with


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